How Long Does It Take For CBD To Absorb And How Long Does It Last?

A couple of common questions about CBD are ‘how long will it last in the system?’ And ‘how long does it take to be effective?’

The Many Reasons Seniors Are Taking CBD

Senior citizens tend to deal with many age-related disorders, and CBD can help relieve those disorders.

How CBD Can Help You Manage Holiday Season Stress

The holiday season can sometimes bring on holiday stress. The good news is that CBD can be a perfect, all-natural solution.

CBD Finds its Way into Many Lives During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This pandemic has brought many negative effects; depression, anxiety, and stress. Many have turned to CBD for help.

CBD for golfers: Why golfers are turning to CBD

CBD has recently been observed for several health benefits that are attracting a lot of athletes, especially golfers!

CBD and the Immune System

CBD can help boost immune health. Know about its role in the immune system and benefits.

Amount of CBD in Each Dose

Your dosage is always important!  Each product contains different strengths, so read the labels and directions.

Not all CBD is Created Equal

Know the difference in the products you're consuming.  Does it show the USDA Certified Organic label?


CBD and THC both have their strengths and use cases.  The difference between them is important for us all to know.  Whether it's the effect a user ...

What is CBD?

We want to break this down for you without all the scientific terms the best way we can.