Amount of CBD in Each Dose

Amount of CBD in Each Dosage

It’s important to always read any dosage directions on the product label or on the website description!  Before you purchase a CBD product, it’s important to first understand how much CBD is in the product.  Products also contain different strengths of CBD so be careful as to how much you consume in a 24-hour period.  Be informed of how much CBD is in a single dose, which you can then use to gauge what your dosage should be.  With a tincture, measurements are typically done by dropper or half dropper increments.  With capsules, the number of capsules is typically the measurement. 

To give you an example, let’s explore a couple different methods of using CBD.

CBD Tinctures

When using a CBD tincture, the dosage is administered from a dropper. Typically, the bottles are measured in milliliters (typically displayed as ml) of liquid content, and each filled dropper contains 1ml of liquid content.

With that being said, a 15ml bottle would contain 15 servings, a 30ml would contain 30 servings, etc.  To determine the amount of CBD that would be administered in a single serving, you can use a simple formula:  Total CBD Content in Bottle ÷ Number of Servings in Bottle

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are pretty straight forward when it comes to understanding the CBD content in each dosage.  Typically, the product description on a website or bottle will provide some guidance for you. 

One serving is typically a single capsule, and the amount of CBD in each capsule should be listed on the product’s label.

While there are other CBD products such as e-liquids, edibles, and topicals, the knowledge from these two methods can be used to understand how dosing works in general.