How CBD Can Help You Manage Holiday Season Stress

Does the holiday season stress you out?

Anxiety and stress are common around the holidays. Whether you're hosting a get-together or spending your first holiday season without your college-age kids, we often overlook our emotional well-being during this busy and stressful time of year.

With amazing and exciting possibilities, CBD seems to be a natural fit to help get through depressing cold weather and busy, stressful days during the holiday season. The good news is, it's legal in most cities and states and readily available, so don't let your stress run your life!

Holiday Stress & CBD 

The holiday season is considered by a majority to be the most wonderful time of the year. We all love the feeling of family and holiday spirit, seeing our kids happy and getting together with family and friends.  However, all the wonders come at a price both financially and emotionally. For many, the pressure to plan the perfect holiday event can raise stress levels beyond our limits. These feelings and the pressure that comes along with them can have an adverse effect on your mental health and emotional well-being through the holiday season or even into the new year.  Along with the holiday season's everyday stresses, the holiday season indeed is one of the most popular times for couples to end relationships.  For some, this can lead beyond stress into a state of depression. 

But CBD products seem to be a natural fit into our lives, giving us the ability to deal with the increased stress levels and feelings of anxiety and depression that the holidays can bring along with them.

Research has shown that your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is affected by anxiety and depression. Our endocannabinoids, 2-Arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG), have a crucial role in controlling emotional behavior. Low levels of 2-AG can lead to anxiety and depression as per research performed on mice, which has shown the opposite effect with an increase in the level of 2-AG. So, it seems to recommend that taking CBD, phytocannabinoids may improve your body's natural endocannabinoid levels that help maintain healthy body functions.

Top Tips to Beat your Holiday Season Stress 

Both before and after the holidays are stressful times.  Credit card bills, the fast pace of life, the pressure of deadlines, kids home from school, or being homeschooled; the list keeps growing.  It is a mixed bag of emotion, it can be exciting and challenging, or it can be a bad experience that can lead to stress and depression.  Check out some of the top tips and CBD benefits that can help you enjoy the moment, and you can become a holiday season superhero.

Do What You Love Doing 

Enjoy the holiday season with CBD

Don't sit idle at home!! Find ways to make your holidays more fun. Try making homemade decorations with your loved ones. Pick a new holiday cookie recipe from the internet to cherish the mood of your loved one, or you can even go for a hike at the nearest and safest spot, you know.  Do something that you've never done before, take a stress-free day off work, and just do it.  All these will give you positive energy and may change how you feel about the holiday season.

Plan a Trip 

Traveling can be fun, but not being in your home country or state can naturally bring you stress as you're out of your comfort zone. Now that COVID-19 is upon us, traveling by car has become very popular.  Families canceled their trips that required air travel and found places a couple of hours away from home to take the family.  Although there is still stress when you're traveling by car, the pressure is significantly reduced vs. dealing with airports and airplane travel.

Relax and Recharge 

When all festivities of a holiday season make you feel tired, and out of whack, it's found that CBD can help you get the most from those rare moments of me-time.

Whether you want to relax or recharge your energy through exercise, meditation, or just taking long naps, there's a CBD product that can help you recover from the holiday uproar. You can try the Sublingual tinctures of CBD as it may help you draw on our inner resilience.  These tinctures can be put in food, dropped under the tongue, put in drinks, etc.  The key to taking tinctures is to make sure it absorbs into your body quickly and directly dropping the tincture under your tongue is the most common way of consuming a tincture. 

Get Healthy Sleep 

Get help sleeping with CBD

Getting enough sleep can be a year-round issue, but stress and pressure can make it more challenging to get the right amount of sleep you need to function during the holidays. Many people have turned to CBD for help in this area and believe that it provides natural support for healthy sleep without using other sleep aids.  Waking up feeling as though you got enough, rest is as important as getting the rest. 

There's no doubt about it; the holiday seasons can be stressful.  Try and be around people and things that genuinely make you smile. Get rid of those negative vibes and surround yourself with more positive experiences and thoughts. But if you still need some relief from stress and anxiety from travel, lack of sleep, deadlines, or simply because your mother-in-law is driving you crazy, consider trying one of our many CBD products. You'd be surprised how much it helps! 

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Happy Holiday Season!