Not all CBD is Created Equal

With CBD hemp oil being classified as a natural product and dietary supplement, rigorous testing practices are not required by regulators. The methods used to manufacture CBD oil directly affect the safety and quality of products you might buy. That’s why it’s important that you do research to get your CBD products from manufacturers that you can trust. Just as in any industry―there are low-quality products, high-quality products, and everything in between.

The problem in the CBD industry; however, is that knowing how to choose the good products from the bad, isn’t exactly common knowledge.  As a result, consumers are blindly purchasing CBD online based on what’s trending or which brand has the best marketing strategy. Often times, this creates an environment where low-quality products can be disguised as high-quality products.  This can lead to wasting money on low-quality products, not getting the benefits you need, and sometimes, even jeopardizing your health due to unsafe ingredients in a product.  Needless to say, this can lead to big problems. 

We’ve learned a lot by spending time at trade shows and expositions, talking to manufacturers & retailers, reading through USDA regulations, etc.  We have some strong beliefs about what to look for when purchasing CBD online and have shared them with you in detail here.  If you want the short version we’ll give you the bullets below. 

Who’s Tested and Certified the product? We believe that products should be tested by a third -party lab that has no bias or business interest in the company and product being tested.  The third party should be experienced, reputable and

  • Does the Product contain 0.3% THC or less? You want to be sure to read the label and product description. 
  • What ingredients are used in the product? This is an area that separates the good CBD from the bad. 
  • Where was the Hemp sourced from and how was it cultivated? This is a very important topic, if you want something certified through the USDA then you may want to think twice about buying hemp from overseas.
  • What type of CBD is being used in the product? This could be a topic for you to research depending upon your reason for using or wanting to use CBD. 
  • How was the CBD extracted? Industry best practices tell us that CO2 extraction is the most popular.
  • What’s the amount of CBD in each dosage? You may want to start with a lower dosage.  Make sure to select the proper dosage for your needs when browsing product quick views on websites.
  • Is the product priced fairly? You would think that a product that’s priced higher than others has a higher quality.  That’s not necessarily true with CBD.  Depending upon where you’re buying from, you may be purchasing through a retailer that white labels another manufacturers CBD which adds cost to you the consumer. 
  • What certifications does the CBD and company have? Very few labels can claim they’re USDA certified.  It’s something you want to verify.