About Us

TrueSpark, LLC is a California & Arizona based family owned business. 

Many people ask us why we’ve gone into the CBD business and to be honest, we didn’t start out with any intentions of starting down this road. With us having full-time jobs, it just wasn’t even a thought.  Unfortunately, as a family, we had our own ailments that were getting the best of us like; bulging disk, sciatica pain, major post-knee surgery pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, to name a few. The standard response from doctors was some type of prescription, which we really preferred to avoid. But as the bulging disk was continuously getting worse, PT wasn’t helping, and I was headed towards injections or even surgery, I became desperate. Someone suggested I try CBD but being very skeptical, it did take me a while before I tried it. I had heard from so many people they’d had success with it and so I thought, what do I have to lose.  After consulting my doctors, I gave it a whirl!    

As the week went by, I realized I didn’t have to ice my back several times a day. Within a couple weeks, to my absolute surprise, my sciatica pain was gone. We started using it daily and incorporated creams for aches and pains and we just knew there was something to this CBD. We had such great results, we just knew we had to get involved and share this as an alternative to traditional medication.  And then the journey began!  

Our mission was to find the highest quality CBD at an affordable price. The products we offer you are the result of spending months and months researching, attending trade shows and working directly with the manufacturers. We spent the time getting to know the manufacturers and understanding their process. We checked all their reports and certifications to make sure the results are among the best in the industry. With so many imposters out there, we had to make it a priority to find the cleanest and most effective CBD out there.  We knew that offering products that were USDA Certified Organic was the top priority and the only way we can guarantee top quality. We were surprised how many claimed to be certified organic, but they didn’t have the USDA Certified seal. That’s the kicker, it has to have the official seal on the label or it’s just simply an imposter.  There are very few companies that offer USDA Certified Organic CBD and you won’t find it just anywhere.   

We’ve personally tested these and other CBD products and can stand behind these brands with our stamp of approval. You'll get to meet us when you call or email, and we look forward to a long-standing relationship with you. Our hope is that you'll have as much success using CBD as we have, and you'll be on your way to getting your TrueSpark back!

Thank you for visiting our site! We hope to hear from you soon.