We proudly offer the following discounts:

 At TrueSpark, we are extremely grateful to our active members of our Military, Veterans, and First Responders. We’d like to extend a discount program as our way of thanking you for your service. As part of our commitment, we are extending a permanent 15% discount to all purchases made through our site. This includes Active Duty, Veterans, Retired, & Disabled.

We understand that CBD oil has been said to have a life-changing impact on certain conditions that affect active members of our Military, Veterans, and First Responders. CBD, or Cannabidiol, has seen success in helping with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and more.


Are you 65 or older, we encourage you to take advantage of our Senior Discount Program.  We’re proud to offer a 15% discount to our senior community.  Many of our senior customers have reported a healthier and more active lifestyle with daily CBD usage, including; reduced pain, improved sleep quality, & more positive mood, to name a few.

To apply for any of our discounts, please follow this one-time activation:

  1. Create an account
  2. Complete our contact us form and provide us with proof of status via a photo or copy of your ID, VA Card, driver’s license with VA endorsement, DD214 or state license. *Please obscure or black out any sensitive information such as your SSN if applicable.

Once you have sent your documents, please allow 1-3 business days for us to process your request. Once your request is approved, we will apply your discount code to your account, and notify you via email upon completion.  You’re ready to take advantage of your benefits.

*By submitting documentation for our TrueSpark Discount Program, you agree that you have blocked out sensitive information such as your Social Security Number.

This discount applies to members only.  TrueSpark also retains the right to modify or change any of the assistance programs or discount amounts, at any time.